29 October

*Katelyn makes the claim –  if we dress up  extra credit
* Tyler – effort on our costume
* Jon – asking if our class can dress for Halloween
* Josh has no interest in dressing up for Halloween
* All the while during this discussion from “I want to” , to “I can’t I  have work tomorrow”, to “can we get extra credit” there are different agendas  for everyone during the conversation.  This continues to illustrate that everyone has important information to share when in a group .
* Katelyn – some may feel they are too old to be dressing up for Halloween
* Bill-  Students might be feeling pressure by other classes even penalized for dressing up while  extra credit is available in  Comp 150.
* Claire- it is fun
* Tyler It’s Halloween
* Josh- it is socially acceptable for any age to dress up for Halloween it could be fun or funny
*Ethan – make connections with others in the classroom that you might not have otherwise costumes allow for your to break down the barrier and interact with others in costumes
*Rob- It is a tradition that is every year
* Joe- May have other things to do on that day and  not want to pressure those to dress in costume that are not interested
*Matthew- spend money why not get something out of it
*Drew- we fight all the time to get what we want and wish for  trying something favorable is to me the claim
*Bill- proposal –  costumes are to be within reason  and it is understood that dressing in costumes is the process of participation  and those that dress on Friday Oct. 31 will still be required to attend class, be engaged, take notes and participate in  any and all class discussions and exchanges

To understand argument was important to Bill that day as we spent the entire class analyzing that. How they are worded, how a counter argument is worded. I feel i have a better understanding from that now

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