– What is “not even trying” I mean come on

– About to make knowledge

– Come to college to memorize stuff

– Groups are for help on assignments

– Every class costs 24.73

-do not engage already paid for it. It is up to you

Matthew is intertextualowle in first paragraph of self assessment. One piece of writing you borrow a line from a move “oh captain my captain.” Or music, place we love, do not love. Constantly gathering traces of meaning from other places.

*How to take a phrase and draw it out* – Jessika just gave an important term “prier knowledge can we connect to what we already know.” “Do I have prier knowledge.”

Ethan said deconstruct

Molly – Paraphrased it as if you are not trying you are not getting anywhere.

Elgin – Compare with its opposite (the best quote of the entire day)

Bill – takes time to be smart

*Now the assignment is to define the simple word “try.”*
24 scholars x 13 years of ED = 279 years of ED. Should not be too hard.

Try: give effort, apply, attempt, *certain goal *desire toward accomplishment* outcome *success *just do it *to have life must take the leap
-Jessika to apply fully to achieve something

*Basically all we got was a cluster of words and meanings in the same way with just different words. It was very frustrating because no one can get a real grasp on what “try” is and the definition. I still don’t know what Bill was trying to get us to learn that day but I am sure there is a silver lining.

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