Business Creativity Observation

When I walk into my business creativity class it has a haze of sleepiness in the room. It is 8am Monday morning and the lights are still deemed because no one wants, but probably all, need the lights turned on to waken them up. The teacher Steve Stovall is at the helm of the room when I am approaching my seat busting out some David Letterman monologue that is half way not ignorable because so funny.

I choose that morning, and every other morning to sit with a friend named Jake Brown and always have good banter back and forth for the minute before class starts as we are talking about our weekends. Stovall walks to the door to put up the sign stating you are late and must sing to get in class. There are usually stragglers being this is an 8am class. Haley is a prime suspect but never a bad one. She doesn’t quite hate it but always does the singing with a sigh. This morning she has chosen to sing a song dating back to all of our childhoods from the movie jungle book. Which brings all the class a soft smile and seems to wake every ups from their Monday morning blues.

Class has now started and we break away into our groups. It is a very smoothly flowing and creative class. Free of any judgment from fellow scholars. Some days more laugher than work goes on in the class. And that’s not to say there isn’t work but Stovall insists that laughter is in the whole process, its makes us more creative, Its my favorite class. But not this day. We are assigned a group project that is worth 30% of our grade about selling a product that we invent. We are instructed to go to the library or somewhere else that no one is at and begin brainstorming. My group and I head out of class and the class is over.

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