Its Official… Ladies and Gentlemen Reason Differently

The great outdoors are far, far too much fun. Adventure sports such as skiing, riding, biking, rafting, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, skinny dipping, climbing, ect. make you feel alive. You can feel the adrenalin and endorphin’s coursing through your veins, an ear to ear grin plastered on your face. But be forewarned… these sports turn the vast majority of participants into adrenalin junkies and greatly lowers self-preservation instincts. Thus mothers tend to be not as stoked about the new pair of skis you just bought (which have even more pop and go even faster!) as you are. Most people have tried at least one of these pastimes, if not them all! Once the painful learning curve of bumps, bruises, near death experiences, broken bones, black eyes and hospital visits is over, people are hooked and can’t fathom life without their daily dose of adrenalin!

One of the many awesome features of adventure sports is that both girls and guys love participating in them. While these sports tend to be male dominated, that doesn’t deter participating ladies in the slightest. Adventure sports have been traditionally male dominated, but today, ladies are becoming just as frequent of visitors in the backcountry. Ladies are exploring the backcountry now more than ever before due to their new-found freedom from historic female roles. Males and females are participating and flirting away in the great outdoors while accomplishing the same feats.

Here’s what the sweet thing is, Males and Females are kicking ass right along side each other… but the methods and thinking behind their actions is whats different! Ladies and Gentlemen actually reason and problem solve with different regions of their brains. Even though different parts are stimulated, girls and guys are both equally capable of making good decisions. It’s pretty crazy that just being one gender or the other stimulates different portions of your brain during the reasoning process. Another perk about the backcountry is that you can actually visually see the difference in these reasoning methods. Men tend to use strength to their advantage, which allows them to power through difficult situations. Ladies on the other hand were graced with curves instead of raw muscle. Thus ladies have to be more strategic in their methods to accomplish the same task, since they don’t have the raw physical strength men do. For example, think about rafting or climbing. Beginner male raft guides tend to row around obstacles or to pull themselves up the rock face. Beginning Females learn to read the water faster since they are unable to row around obstacles with as much ease as the guys. When women are first learning to climb they use their legs more. While females can build strength and males can learn technique, the initial thinking behind their methods is different.

The arias of the brain stimulated in males is a visual spatial aspect which makes sense if their approach is to physically tackle the challenge! For females the region stimulated is a verbal, analytical portion. This makes sense if females approached the task from a strategizing standpoint. Both of these methods are totally valid, they’re just different. When taking a look at evolution, these differences appear to be valid and have supporting evidence. Evolution made the genders graced with different attributes. Guys got the muscles, ladies got the curves. Sexual dimorphism can be blamed for this! This differences in males and females has always been present. Thus, through evolution, we have adapted and learned to accomplish the same tasks regardless of gender. Males and females have different methods due to their unique physical characteristics. So next time you’re enjoying the great outdoors, see if you can notice any differences in methodology of how tasks are approached and handled based off of gender!