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Hello my name is Sierra! I currently am a junior at the Fort. I am majoring in Adventure Education. My initial research question was looking at human reasoning with a focus on the difference between the male and female problem solving process. I then applied a lens to look at the research with. The lens I applied was backcountry and adventure sports. The aaaha moments I had in my topic was the fact that I wasn’t crazy! Always a pleasant surprise. What I have observed and thought for many years, (that males and females relay on different methods to accomplish the same end goal in adventure sports) actually has scientific research and evidence to support and back it up. In my research it was frustrating at fist since I couldn’t find the research needed to gain a better understanding of my topic. I finally found one specific articular discussing the different sections of the brain stimulated in males and females during the reasoning process. This was precisely the research needed in order to continue with this topic. For myself as an academic writer It has been confirmed that I am a terrible editor, But I did discover that it’s fun, interesting and possibly even enjoyable doing research on a topics of my choosing. It makes you want to delve farther and deeper into the topic. Its great being able to share that new-found knowledge with those who are curious, and anyone who wants to listen to you chatter away!

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