Afros man… Afros

There’s always something sexy about another time, another generation, an always simpler time. A time where cell phones weren’t man’s new best friend, reality T.V was called soap operas, and where it was groovy for your pants to be as big as your hair.       And I mean big…big like the voices that created Disco. “Papa was a Rolling Stone,” “Tragedy,” “My Girl,” these are songs that create disco balls in your ears, that can take you back to those white bell bottom suites, “Saturday Night Fever”, John Travolta smile nights. The music is electrifying, invigorating, still following the soul that preceded it, yet began the movement…of movement! The movement of dance, of hip swinging, finger matching neon dance.

I can picture it when I hear Earth Wind and Fire, the sweat on their foreheads, and the fire in their gut. I can feel it, when I hear the Bee Gees, I can hear the heart beats beating out of the sky blue lapels and untrimmed chests. It’s disco man, where beat and voice came together for the first time to create club music. To bring people our age together, to feel the music within their bones and sateen dresses. Where you…were the Temptations “My Girl” for the night.

It was disco man…disco. I wish that mirrored ball could still inspire the music of today. But, like all things, disco had it’s place in time, and it changed history, culture, music. It changed dance, life, and love. Disco emulated the time of the 70’s, and it still remains in the hearts of the white suite, and sateen dress mirrored ball survivors.

My mom is one of those sateen dress, finger matchin’, big pant, big hair survivors. And how blessed I am to have gotten a little piece of her mirror ball heart while growing up. To see the sparkle in her eye, and in that sparkle , see the swingin’ memories, and free spirited times of disco; of hard wood scuffed floors, and swinging hips. I hear these songs, and think of car rides to the Bee Gees, and look over and see her movin’ her head to the beat, it’s beautiful.

I picture her as she looked in those photos, denim bell bottoms, brown belt, and best of all, her ” al natural” big ass fro matched with that smile. That beautiful smile. So, thanks Mom, for sharing your disco heart, big ass fro, and swingin’ hips, because how beautiful it is, to get a little part of a different time, to get a little part of the 70’s.

And always enjoy the classics- For my Mom, I’ll aways be your girl 🙂

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