Giddy, Giddy hearts

Happy songs…just make us happy! They flutter our hearts and smiles, and as Valentine’s Day is approaching us Durangotangs, it beckons us with sunshine, bluebird sky and weather that only can create warm hearts. Warmth for Colorado, our peers, friends, and if so lucky..that special someone that makes the cut to be a valentine.

A valentine that sparks those giddy feelings, flushed cheeks and sweaty palms. Someone to kiss gently on the forehead, and nose, to be childish with, playful with. That’s what’s so special about love, all kinds of love, is that it ignites cuddles within two souls. Especially with new crushes, new love, new obsessions of the most natural kind, that fun, frisky spontaneous feeling. It’s those giddy giddy feelings, that first crush, butterflies, I want you bad feeling.

NeverShoutNever’s songs are carefree, and true to the light hearted spirit of teenage years and romance. Trouble just offers smiles, snaps, and pictures of Kian from Vine. That effortless cute way of  crushing on some one is lovely; and well, this song is just a lovely, perky, overall feeling of joyful addiction for that one boy or girl. CUTENESS 🙂


Jon Bellion, a musical genius, is just emerging into the spotlight, as he just won his first Grammy last night for writing Eminem’s and Rihanna’s “Monster.”

For me, Jon has been mastered every emotion into a beat, every style into a lyric, and every inspiration into a song. He is the sexiest man alive lol. One More Time exemplifies that “fuck off society,” rebellious feeling that a soul can feel for another. That sexual intensity that ignites passion and excitement in a connection. It’s an exciting feeling that makes you want to break all rules, and run off with someone. It’s a playful energy that inspires life and beauty…So, let’s all just do it ONE MORE TIME!

If you like One More Time…Then click this link to hear more Jon. > 

Country is that windows down, mountain streaming hands, and wind through hair vibe. It’s summer through our ears, it’s freedom in our hears, and Sam Hunt’s Speakers is the epitome of that easy summer night love. Listening to it, you can feel the summer night dew on your skin, and the lips of that summer soul that matched yours that one summer. Summer is free, and so is my memories of those people I have shared the freedom of my kisses and heart with during those summers. It’s lovely to feel the speakers of our shared heartbeats, to feel the pounding and pumping that chemistry provokes. Summer lovin’ man…:)

Judge me all you want…5 Seconds of Summer is my new boy band. I’m proud to admit it, they are sexy, free, and their music represents the blissfulness of my life right now. Their lead singer Luke Hemming’s face melts my heart…that face, that lip piercing and style is sex.

Their Australian accents rock my world, and their She Looks So Perfect has a tint of sexiness and intrigue, but keeps crushin’ easy and cute…and it makes me wanna jam with that one cute dud… Australian boy bands man…

We The Kings are classic for 90’s babes, and Say You Like me is their classic “say you like me,” song.  Frusteration is bubbling when feelings aren’t shared, and the innocence of this song is perfect to tell the secrets of giddy love. Innocence and shyness is all part of the cycle of love. That pleaaaase tell me you feel the same way tingle kills, it’s just all part of giddy and innocent love man…

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