Lucy and her 20 lil’ Answers

Answering questions about our music interests is not just difficult, it’s an obstacle consisting of looking inside ourselves. Looking through our endless I-tunes library, and the library of our memories and emotions that go along with that list of artists and songs. It’s hard, and it’s beautiful to understand the depth that music has, and the power it has over us. I wrote these questions with the idea in mind to provoke true thought about whoever chose my questions. To think about every area in his/her life that music could touch them….as well as some sexiness!

I was lucky enough to have lovely and quirky Lucy choose my questions, and to get a hint of what kind of music touches her. To understand a lil’ bit about why she is the awesome person she is…..Here’s Lucy’s 20 lil’ answers!

1.If you could have anyone’s voice, whom would you choose?

Amy Winehouse

2. What is your sexy song?

Porterose in July – Gramatik

3. Your go-to Pandora station?

Right now, Papadosio, but usually Jackson 5

4. Who is your go-to artist for a good ole happy day? Sublime

5. Who is your go-to artist for a bad day?

Green sky Bluegrass

7. What artist do you desperately want to see naked? Honestly, Rihanna

8. What artist/song inspires you to write something beautiful?

Elephant Revival

9 What artist could be your “spirit animal?”

I really would have to think about this one.

10. A song that soothes your soul?

You can’t always get what you want- Rolling Stones

11. A song that reminds you of only beautiful memories?

Gotta get up- Harry Nilson

12. What is a song that provokes deep thoughts, or stoic emotions?

Widespread Panic

13. Give me a song/artist that inspires pure negative emotions, either about a memory, a person , etc.

String Cheese Incident

14. Share with me a song that makes you want to live life to the fullest, a song that inspires you to just LIVE a lovely life.

Happy Birthday

15. A song that could describe your life’s journey so far…?

Lucy- Pepper ( haha I like)

16. Give me a song that could describe what you want your life TO be like in the future.

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

17. A song that makes you feel love for a close family member?

Home-Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros

18. Share with me an artist that makes you want to be a better man/woman?

Eminem (Fuck yeah)

19. Share with me a song that inspires you to make a change in the world? ( Not MJ’s Man in the Mirror lol)

Decaptacon- Le Tigre

20. If you could sing any song, and sing it beautifully, what song would you choose to share with the world? Sing it the way you want to portray the message behind it…, just experience a song with an audience as the singer, etc.

Drop- Elephant Revival


Thanks Lucy…Here ya go! Cheers to your future, hope it’s beautiful! 🙂

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