Stress Buffers

You need some stress buffers Charine? I got your back. You want to be Miss Hozhoni, I’ll support you all the way! Stress is a chronic problem for us Adrenaline Junky Americans, and it doesn’t make college any better. Here are some songs that will totally help you kick ass. Kick stress’ ass, kick your opponents asses, and kick your ass into motivation time.

1. Get off of My Back- Bryan Adams & Hans Zimmer

Yeah, I know… a Disney Spirit moviie? Well Disney knows it’s shit, and so do these two musical artists. Disney has it’s way of creating hits from their animated films, but “Get off of My Back’s” drums and Adams’ raspy voice combine to create a heart racing song. A song that will wake you up, motivate you, and inspire you to win those battles. Because we all know you’re a bad ass who can do anything!  ( Enjoy the video, Spirit is a pretty inspiring movie itself. If you ever need to a high horse booster! lol)

Hey, Just ” Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey

It says it all for me. Even it it does say… too classic

Konichiwa STRESS! Robyn tell us ” Konichiwa Bitches.” So just do it and giggle to this silly song and sick beat.

Because you are “Bulletproof” pretty lady. La Roux thinks so too

…Hammer Time… I swear you’ll feet better if you Hammer Time after every paper or study session!


Let these songs make you smile and buffer your stress, it’s all you need!



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