Research Topic


For my upcoming research project, I would like to delve into the topic of intuition. Intuition is a self-guiding force that naturally occurs within all of us, and is a crucial element of life that I have always had interest in. It is always best to “listen to your gut.”


Critical Thinking


Critical thinking is going past the surface and discovering all the elements of a subject. As well as relating previous knowledge to new situations (Kirsten Dunlap). It could be termed as rhetorical thinking (Andie Huml), and has an open minded yet analytical approach (Lauren Watson and Madison Carman).

In order to think critically, you need to approach a topic in a very sensitive way. Taking in any new information or perspective that it is introduced with no prior judgements and then allow judgements to seep in by analyzing it thoroughly to either agree or disagree. You must relate new information to information that was outlined in the past to maintain a deeper and personalized understanding of a topic. You must apply the given information to yourself directly in order to maintain any form of understanding (Kayla Jamerson & Andi Huml). Take it all in, excrete falsehoods and cling to what you deem as true.