Critical Thinking


I have developed a plan for critical thinking. Critical thinking is about finding a deeper meaning; “thinking between the lines” (Magaly Torres). This can be done by careful analysis, questioning and critiquing. Analysis must be first. The analysis of various sources is very important so I can “weed out the bad [sources]” (Andie Huml) and find “multiple perspectives” (Ashley Garcia). Once sources are found, analysis of the information must be done in order for knowledge to be gained. In order to go beyond just the surface, I must ask questions to clarify and get a deeper meaning. Finally, I must critique the various perspectives, as well as myself (Hannah Tjossem.). This critique is to determine how the found sources compare to my own thinking and what makes one more correct than the other. My critical thinking must include all three (analysis, questioning, critiquing) to go deeper and create a conversation.


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