Reflections Of How To Interview.


This week in class we were given a new perspective on how to preform an interview. I was a sight to behold for sure. The professor of the class, William Mangrum, started by conducting an interview on a fellow Scholar, Gino. He asked Gino about his first kiss, an odd question to be sure, but it was not without reason that he asked this question. Throughout the twenty minute interview he constantly push Gino for deeper understanding. Gino would use a normal, familiar word, and Mangrum would not except such a simple answer. He push further, such as when Gino said it was “Horrible” Mangrum asked, why was it horrible, why did you chose that word. By don’t this Mangrum was able to reveal things that would not normally be talked about in such an interview if the answer were to be excepted at face value. Such a method could even reveal answers that the interviewee did not thing about themselves. Mangrum showed how important it is to not let go of a question. Stay on topic and keep the conversation focused on the first question. Such is the methods used by professional interviewer found on shows such as 60 Minutes.

Genetic Therapy: Soon to be a reality.


thCA7UNBFFPreviously a thing of science fiction, gene therapy is about to be a reality. We’ve all seen or heard of movies based around this premise; Mankind genetically engineers a super soldier, loose control of said soldier, wage war to regain control. Such a plot, or plot like it, are common  occurrence. The idea is something of a crutch in the Hollywood world…But not for much longer. This February of this current year, scientist are going to begin the first ever human trials of genetic engineering. Thankfully this is a noble effort, not one based on a war.

The attempt of these trial are to cure people suffering from the disease Hemophilia b. a rather disheartening condition that prevents a persons blood from clotting. This condition is not caused by a sickness, no bacteria, no radiation or chemical poisoning, no misshaped organs that a simple surgery could correct. this problem is cause because of an anomaly in a person DNA, their very being. Something that is ingrained upon them at a cellular level. Every single cell of their body carries this life threatening disorder that if not carefully monitored could be the end of their life. Because a person with this disorders blood cannot clot, what to most people would be a simple bruise, could cause them to bleed to death.

These upcoming test will be the first in a line of work that could save multiple lives. Hemophilia would ideally just be the start of a long string of cures for genetic disorders. Many disorders that ruin lives could be prevented or reversed such as Parkinson’s disease, or Down Syndrome. Really, if these test prove effective, the possibilities are endless.

However, while these first test are a virtue clearly intended for help and heal, what are the long term ramifications? Ever sound minded person would say that it is beneficial to help those struggling with genetic disorders, but the people of the world must be vigilant, or else the Hollywood movies won’t be fiction anymore. We stand at the brink of a grand new scientific marvel, but can we control the power we wield?