Enviromental History181

Land ChangingĀ Us

I looked at the mountains around my house and around Durango. I observed that the community really is built around the mountains and rivers. In my neighborhood everything is built around Hogsback Mountain and Perins Peak and there is trails in every direction going to Hogsback. Up by Hogsback everyday you see someone starting out on the trail. Basically every street has a trail connecting to Hogsback if you go look. Its nice to have so much access in Durango let alone two blocks away from my house to go on hikes whenever or do any outdoor activity basically.

Looking at Durango compared to a lot of places I’ve been you realize a huge difference in the nature around you. Most cities and some towns have no mountains or trails to hike right in town without having to drive far. I work at Steamworks Brewing Company and everyday I hear a new story about nature. Watching and hearing people talk about their lives in Durango you realize that in Durango nature and the environment are a big part of everyone’s daily life.


During summer locals are usually on the river, hiking, biking, or going out into nature in some way. During winter locals are usually snowboarding, skiing, sledding, hiking, ice fishing, ice climbing, or doing something outdoors and staying involved in nature. No matter what time of the year it is there’s something to do outdoors in or around Durango. So for most locals keeping the environment clean and making sure to upkeep trails and keeping the river clean is important. “Durangatangs” as they call the locals take pride in maintaining the environment. We all want to keep having access to the things we do now and the only way to keep having access to such beautiful nature is to take care of it.