Relevance of observation: Significance in Exercise Science

In my Fitness & Wellness class I took notes as usual but I was more observant than usual.  I paid attention to the slightest detail, and taking note of absolutely everything.  I nticed how my professor starts the class off with a question that alludes to the lecture for that given class.  We all sit and rows although the class is interactive in a sense that scholars ask questions frequently.  It is not a class discussion based course, this is more of a typical lecture-note type class.  The class is short so note taking is done the entire time.  I noted that the students do not interact with each other like they do in COMP 250.  I theorize that my Fitness & Wellness class is a stepping stone or base knowledge class that can be referred to in other classes that fall into the Exercise Science department.  This class is to inform scholars about the basic information needed to have a healthy lifestyle while understanding the benefits of muscular conditioning and nutrition.  Having this course completed will be a basic class needed to continue with my major.  In other courses related to Exercise Science, I believe there will knew knowledge covering more detail about topics covered in Fitness & Wellness like diet, muscle training, and social constructs.  Knowing these benefits can aid me in other classes not related too Exercise Science.  For example, if I have a good diet, natural sleep cycle, and a routine workout plan, I will function better and thus become a better overall scholar and person.  The pedagogy of Fitness & Wellness is much different from COMP 250.  It is no where near as interactive which can be negative because it may be simple for students to let their minds wander if they are not tuned in with the notes and lecture. blog-examprep-061913

Benefits of Muscular Strength

There are more benefits to muscular strength than literally what meets the eye.  It’s not just about looking good, there are plenty of health benefits that factor into muscular strength.  Through consistent hard work, you can start to see a lot of improvised aspects of life.  Participating in muscular conditioning, specifically muscular strength; there will be a spike in your energy levels.  Persistent workouts will lead to muscle hypertrophy, which will improve your basal metabolic rate.  This will result in more energy, stamina, and ultimately better sleep cycles.  Muscular strength will benefit muscle mass, and your muscles will not fatigue as fast when working out.

Studies show that with regular muscular activity you will live longer and will have a better well-being.  Diseases like cancer, diabetes, and hypertension can be prevented with cardiovascular and muscular training.  Muscular strength and regular physical activity will help improve posture and will benefit you when you are older in age.  Your muscles and bones will be strong and healthy, also decreasing your chance of injury.  Another benefit of participating in muscular strength is the fact that you will look good and thus you will feel more confident about yourself.  All of these benefits will also come with a strong diet and proper nutrition.  Having a good diet has its own benefits as well so essentially you will become a much healthier human being.

I am very passionate about health and fitness so I found this article extremely helpful.  I learned a lot about benefits of engaging in physical activity.  It is imperative that an individual stays on track with a proper workout plan and nutrition.  In order to build torn down muscle fibers, there must be enough sleep to repair them and a good diet to fuel them.  Doing so will serve beneficial for you now and in the long run.