Too important to Ignore

As I sit in my Environmental Geology class, I am stricken with grief each and every time we dive into the facts and see how irreversibly we are ruining this place. Living in a developed country its just second nature for us to do what we feel like to this place, because its all we’ve ever known. We were raised with the thinking that there will always be something to replace it. As we draw near the end of our oil reserves (we have a solid 20 years of oil left. Then its gone) are we thinking about finding new ways to get more energy? Or what to do when the grid shuts down? I imagine it would be near catastrophic for most people. Would you survive Y2.23K? It seems as if Mother Nature is getting fed up. We have been treating her like she is just dirt beneath our feet without realizing what force she has upon us. If we don’t take action now, we will have created a beast capable of striking down with biblical proportions. The damage that has done will take lots of time to reverse. You all know the damage that has been done. Is it too late? Are we just a parasite? Is it safe to say that this planet is infected by humans?

“He not busy being born is busy dying” – Bob Dylan

CAUTION: This post contains drug references. And Mind-blowing realizations.

This universe is a vast, expansive place. With an incredible story to tell. It all began with a Big Bang. Allegedly. During this time hot matter was burped out into infinity and beyond. This created stars, and eventually galaxies. In that process Earth was born. But first it was just a giant ball of lava. In time and the correct geologic processes it became habitable to life. Luckily it had the correct atmosphere to support life. Sounds like everything just fell into place all too perfectly. It must’ve been by chance. Sometimes it seems overwhelming how incredibly little we matter in it. This thought came to me when I was experimenting with psychedelics. It was 3 am and I was lying on the beach with my brother as we just stared upward for hours. We could see much farther into the universe than ever before. Or so it seemed. In my experience, it opened my thoughts up much farther than ever before. Prior I had common thoughts about the universe. It really only felt like it goes on just as far as the eye can see. As the universe is so incredibly huge, its very difficult to find meaning in ourselves. It’s almost depressing how little me matter out there. Whatever we do here on Earth equates to nothing outside of this atmosphere. We must be able to comprehend that if we are meaningless outside of this world then we must find meaning within it. The quote by Bob Dylan is one that we all should learn. Its saying that if we aren’t furthering our knowledge then what is the point of it all? Knowledge is the one thing that will last until the end of time. Society is backwards, and has its ‘mind’ set on now. We care about our material possessions, not other peoples thoughts or feelings. All those things are eventually going to vanish, but knowledge will never fade. To create meaning for ourselves is to always seek more knowledge. If you truly want to have any sort of meaning on Earth after moving on, try and change yourself and others with thoughts and ideas. You don’t need to be Bob Dylan for people to remember your message. You just need to be different than everybody else. Break the chain. Conformity is a thing of the past. Just realize that we are nothing more than monkeys floating through space. It becomes easier that way.

The Benefits of Struggling with Blogging

Since the beginning of blogging, I’ve found it difficult to come up with new material. Its not hard to find new things to say, just over this last couple of weeks I’ve been finding it difficult to say things that I care about being read. Its difficult to become attached to this. I could put more posts about the same things, but being in nature but enjoying the great outdoors is just a hobby for me. There is no emotional satisfaction with hitting the Publish button on each post. It is only in order to fulfill the expected work-load. That’s about to change. The time I’ve spent thinking about what I want to put has given me enough time to formulate an idea of what I actually want you to be reading. I have more to say than about being outside. I am more important that that. Listen to my insight because I have something to say. I will not be able to put a label to it yet, but stay tuned. This blog is going to get a lot better. You will notice a difference, my entire rhetorical stance has changed. This blog will no longer be informative, but insightful. I am writing this blog for myself, to get the thoughts in my head down in the public sphere. The dumping ground for what needs to come out.

The Great Unknown

You’re undecided on your major as well? Good. There’s always going to be time to figure out what you want to do with the REST OF YOUR LIFE. If I’m going to be a slave, I’ll be a master at the same damn time. I will decide what I want to do when I am good and ready. I refuse to be miserable, and stuck in a career that I chose when I was only a teenager. I refuse to be unhappy. I’ve realized pretty quickly that it’s not how much money is lined up for me to take when I graduate, its how much fun I’ll be having while I’m doing it. That is the type of mindset you need while picking a career path. Don’t ever let money decide your future. Some may think its a waste of my money to go to college without a goal, but that’s the fun part. Having an open mind the entire way through, never stopping to wonder what it would be like had I done this or that. The door is still wide open. For all of us.

Bakers Bridge

I was able to go here for my first time today on a field trip. Unfortunately it was too cold to even think about jumping off, but we were only in the area for the geology. Its a beautiful spot on the Animas River with plenty of cliffs and other huge rocks to jump off of. This spot reminded me of the kind of peaceful serenity I noticed while floating down the Colorado River in Eastern Utah. When we were on the river the only sounds were of the water lapping up on the canoe, and on the shore. We were “lost” on the river, camping beneath the stars. Baker’s Bridge brought me back to Utah for a quick second as I took a deep breath to appreciate the natural environment. It is secluded from any main roads, and the way the rocks are set up establish a quiet area where you can take a nap with the water flowing beneath you. Visit this spot to read a book, or relax. If it was me, I’d bring a bowl-pack, and my music and just get lost in the calm.


I moved out West to Denver when I was in the 8th grade. I had come from Indiana, so I was not at all experienced in any sort of mountain sport. Skiing, rock climbing, and camping were what I was interested in, but I didn’t have the money, the know-how, or the parents who were willing to go up all the time. Of course we went hiking all the time, but what I really wanted to do was the more extreme stuff, like jumping off cliffs. Our first year in Denver was all about settling in. We never had any time to go learn to ski, especially with my 4 siblings, 3 were younger. I had to do it on my own. Our second year in Colorado we finally started to accumulate enough items to add to my ski gear list. When I finally started learning how to ski, I started out on a pair of stiff, heavy skis that were also too long for me. It was such a process, and I wasn’t used to it at all. I got the hang of it so I could finally begin to turn, and stop. This wasn’t a difficult sport at all, but I had to get used to my bad skis. After living in Colorado for 5 years, I have been able to start working to afford lift tickets, and gas money for the ride up. Even though I’m not native, I still found it in myself to work hard at my goals. Looking back on this, I didn’t actually realize how hard I actually was working, but now I see it all paid off. To me, mountain games can be so exciting, but it can be hard to get up sometimes. Even though I didn’t start until much later than my peers, I had the drive to go. That’s all that is needed. The desire to get out of civilization, and go have some fun on this playground in our backyard.