Field Research

*In comp 150 my fellow students and I had to write a research paper using the guide lines on how to write one that are in the Everyone’s an Author book. The paper I decided to write was based off field research I did around the College campus. Ironically, this assignment was assigned right after I had already decided to do research for a blog entry.  Therefore I expanded my questioning to more people as well as asking for more of an answer from each person*

This time I expanded my questioning, of how good sodexo’s food is, to twenty new people. There was a possible 200 points to be earned if everyone rated sodexo as a 10. However these numbers looked quite similar to the numbers of my first research.  Sodexo received 80 of the 200 points, that gives them an average of 4 like my research from before showed. The highest rating was a 6 and the lowest was a 2.

The Students Voice

Over the course of my blogging I have made my own opinions very clear. Though I have focused on what I think I have not done much with the opinions of my peers who have the same food that I have. So for my blog this week I decided to go out and conduct research around the Fort Lewis campus.  I asked fellow students to rank the food they have access to on a one to ten scale, one being the worse food they have ever had and ten being the best.  My results spoke for themselves! With an average of four it is clear the food is not enjoyed by most of the students.  The highest outlier was a seven and the lowest score I recoded was a ZERO!


Customer Roundtable

As we all know, or those of us that check our fort lewis webmail know, there is going to be a sodexo representative here on campus this Wednesday, November 6th.  They are coming to hear student’s thoughts food preferences and what we feel would enhance our dining experience here at the fort.  What they are doing is really quite amazing and not many big companies would go out of their way to inquire their already paying costumers about their satisfaction with their products.  They are going to be accepting comments and advice between six o’clock and seven in the Colorado room of the student union the evening of the sixth.  I hear a lot of bad mouthing about sodexo from all students here at the fort, if we have a chance to change our options we should take it! The more voices heard the more obvious it will become to them that this is a serious issue.  Therefore I highly suggest and encourage all of you reading this to stop by, constructively criticize what they are doing wrong and give them confidence boosts on the areas in which they excel.  Hope to see you all there!

Fort Lewis: Environmentally Aware

Fort Lewis being in such a beautiful area we very strongly connect our self with nature. With having this connection it is quite obvious that we would want to protect nature and preserve it for generations to come.  There are many organizations at our school for those who would want to help make a change in our environment.  Our school does a lot in the efforts to be environmentally friendly but I still feel that there could be more done.  The first place that comes to mind is when sodexo uses Styrofoam bowls for us to serve ourselves.  Styrofoam single use plates and bowls are extremely more wasteful and harmful to the environment than reusing and washing bowls.  If we want to keep our schools environmentally aware reputation I feel this is something that must change.

October 30.

On Wednesday, the day before Halloween I went to the hub for dinner and was quite impressed. I saw a lot of pride in the food by the workers making it, and that effort paid off! The food was great, maybe I was to quick to judge sodexo…

Animas Perks

Coffee shops are one of the fastest and most efficient ways for anyone on the move to grab a quick breakfast to prepare them for the day.  No wonder the Starbucks company grew so fast to it’s multi million dollar well known name.  The Fort provides us with multiple of these coffee shops, Animas Perks being the biggest and main one located in our wonderful student union. However what is not so wonderful about this horrible coffee shop are the prices.  I am not a coffee drinker but I have noticed the incredibly high mark ups on some of my other favorite items that they carry.  The single serve yo-play yogurts that are only $.60 at walmart are sold for $1.29 at our coffee shop.  I personally love sweet tea but the tea I normally indulge myself in for only $.99 is sold at Animas Perks for $1.69!!!!! I saw a sandwich there that was about the size of a candy bar that they had marked at 5.50!  Speaking of candy bars, which are almost always sold for a dollar at gas stations and super markets are sold for a $1.50 at our wonderful coffee shops.  This wouldn’t frustrate me too much if we weren’t required to pour five hundred dollars into this completely unfair and arbitrary system.  Every time a student buys one single item there Sedexo is rolling in the dough.  Even if someone was sitting right next to their store selling items at fair prices students would have to pay the ridiculous prices of the schools shops because our money we already put into their system.  Don’t you find it funny that they make us pre pay for these foods? If they didn’t I am almost positive that they wouldn’t get any business.  Personally getting suckered out of my money isn’t my thing.  Anyone else see this and feel my pain?

Gettin Grub at the Hub

Food is essential to life and luckily for me whenever I am hungry(between the hours of 8am to 10am and 5pm and 7pm) I have the buffet in the student union at my disposal.  The buffet or hub as I hear people call it is unfortunately where I am most disappointed with the food, but the frustration even starts before I enter.  The school requires us to get between ten and fourteen meals a week which for some people is more then they would like or be able to attend to.  The worst part about this requirement is that even if you have extra meals for the week you can not use the meals on anyone but yourself.  Therefore you can’t use them on a family member or old friend that came to visit, a fellow sky hawk that lost their sky card, not even on a homeless person that you are just trying to help out.  Instead the meals you pre paid for are put to waste and Sodexo’s wallet gets a little bit bigger.  I have asked the workers there why that rule was the way that it was and they simply stated that “it is the way the computers are programed, they can only read a card once for each dinning time.”  They think that this is a suitable answer but it is in no ways reasonable.  I am no computer wiz but I am quite certain that they could change that programming easily.  But Sodexo doesn’t have a problem with this rule I’m sure, they just pocketing more of our money, and if no one is there to second guess what they are doing. Why would they change?  Plus, the food sucks. There are a handful of kids around the Fort that I have talked to that tell me they don’t even eat at Sodexo because of how gross the food is.  Thinking about all the money they’re making off of us kind of makes me think we should all drop out and join the Sodexo business.

The Rocket

As we all know the hours that the hub serves the grub are very limited, and for those of us with either late classes or if we participate in a extracurricular sport it can be very difficult to make their hours. Lucky for us there is the rocket!  However that is not the case.  They advertise that their hours are until eleven which might sound convenient at first but less then a week into school I discovered the real rocket.  They say that they serve until eleven but once nine o’clock hits they turn off their grill and stop serving burgers.  Last week I went to the rocket at ten fifteen to get a sandwich and the worker told me that they actually stopped serving sandwiches at ten that night.  As you can guess this frustrated me quite a bit(I’m not myself when I’m hungry).  The woman at the register told me that my only options for the night were either French fries or their jalapeño poppers, which are both obviously now very healthy or adequate dinner options.  So what we can get from this is that the workers at the rocket have their own convenience put before the customers, and start to clean up and shut the restaurant down  before closing time so that they get to go home right at eleven.