The Rocket

As we all know the hours that the hub serves the grub are very limited, and for those of us with either late classes or if we participate in a extracurricular sport it can be very difficult to make their hours. Lucky for us there is the rocket!  However that is not the case.  They advertise that their hours are until eleven which might sound convenient at first but less then a week into school I discovered the real rocket.  They say that they serve until eleven but once nine o’clock hits they turn off their grill and stop serving burgers.  Last week I went to the rocket at ten fifteen to get a sandwich and the worker told me that they actually stopped serving sandwiches at ten that night.  As you can guess this frustrated me quite a bit(I’m not myself when I’m hungry).  The woman at the register told me that my only options for the night were either French fries or their jalapeño poppers, which are both obviously now very healthy or adequate dinner options.  So what we can get from this is that the workers at the rocket have their own convenience put before the customers, and start to clean up and shut the restaurant down  before closing time so that they get to go home right at eleven.

One thought on “The Rocket

  1. I’m all for getting the workers home and out of there by 11, because I too use to work in the food industry as a host and expo for a restaurant and I hated it when people would still be in there after we closed because we technically couldn’t kick anybody out, only prevent more people from coming in. I know that you must give time for cleaning up and closing, but what is happening at the rocket seems a little ridiculous. No burgers with 2 hours till close and no sandwiched even with an hour left? that would frustrate me too if I was in your position.

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