Gettin Grub at the Hub

Food is essential to life and luckily for me whenever I am hungry(between the hours of 8am to 10am and 5pm and 7pm) I have the buffet in the student union at my disposal.  The buffet or hub as I hear people call it is unfortunately where I am most disappointed with the food, but the frustration even starts before I enter.  The school requires us to get between ten and fourteen meals a week which for some people is more then they would like or be able to attend to.  The worst part about this requirement is that even if you have extra meals for the week you can not use the meals on anyone but yourself.  Therefore you can’t use them on a family member or old friend that came to visit, a fellow sky hawk that lost their sky card, not even on a homeless person that you are just trying to help out.  Instead the meals you pre paid for are put to waste and Sodexo’s wallet gets a little bit bigger.  I have asked the workers there why that rule was the way that it was and they simply stated that “it is the way the computers are programed, they can only read a card once for each dinning time.”  They think that this is a suitable answer but it is in no ways reasonable.  I am no computer wiz but I am quite certain that they could change that programming easily.  But Sodexo doesn’t have a problem with this rule I’m sure, they just pocketing more of our money, and if no one is there to second guess what they are doing. Why would they change?  Plus, the food sucks. There are a handful of kids around the Fort that I have talked to that tell me they don’t even eat at Sodexo because of how gross the food is.  Thinking about all the money they’re making off of us kind of makes me think we should all drop out and join the Sodexo business.

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