Animas Perks

Coffee shops are one of the fastest and most efficient ways for anyone on the move to grab a quick breakfast to prepare them for the day.  No wonder the Starbucks company grew so fast to it’s multi million dollar well known name.  The Fort provides us with multiple of these coffee shops, Animas Perks being the biggest and main one located in our wonderful student union. However what is not so wonderful about this horrible coffee shop are the prices.  I am not a coffee drinker but I have noticed the incredibly high mark ups on some of my other favorite items that they carry.  The single serve yo-play yogurts that are only $.60 at walmart are sold for $1.29 at our coffee shop.  I personally love sweet tea but the tea I normally indulge myself in for only $.99 is sold at Animas Perks for $1.69!!!!! I saw a sandwich there that was about the size of a candy bar that they had marked at 5.50!  Speaking of candy bars, which are almost always sold for a dollar at gas stations and super markets are sold for a $1.50 at our wonderful coffee shops.  This wouldn’t frustrate me too much if we weren’t required to pour five hundred dollars into this completely unfair and arbitrary system.  Every time a student buys one single item there Sedexo is rolling in the dough.  Even if someone was sitting right next to their store selling items at fair prices students would have to pay the ridiculous prices of the schools shops because our money we already put into their system.  Don’t you find it funny that they make us pre pay for these foods? If they didn’t I am almost positive that they wouldn’t get any business.  Personally getting suckered out of my money isn’t my thing.  Anyone else see this and feel my pain?

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