Customer Roundtable

As we all know, or those of us that check our fort lewis webmail know, there is going to be a sodexo representative here on campus this Wednesday, November 6th.  They are coming to hear student’s thoughts food preferences and what we feel would enhance our dining experience here at the fort.  What they are doing is really quite amazing and not many big companies would go out of their way to inquire their already paying costumers about their satisfaction with their products.  They are going to be accepting comments and advice between six o’clock and seven in the Colorado room of the student union the evening of the sixth.  I hear a lot of bad mouthing about sodexo from all students here at the fort, if we have a chance to change our options we should take it! The more voices heard the more obvious it will become to them that this is a serious issue.  Therefore I highly suggest and encourage all of you reading this to stop by, constructively criticize what they are doing wrong and give them confidence boosts on the areas in which they excel.  Hope to see you all there!

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