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Over the course of my blogging I have made my own opinions very clear. Though I have focused on what I think I have not done much with the opinions of my peers who have the same food that I have. So for my blog this week I decided to go out and conduct research around the Fort Lewis campus.  I asked fellow students to rank the food they have access to on a one to ten scale, one being the worse food they have ever had and ten being the best.  My results spoke for themselves! With an average of four it is clear the food is not enjoyed by most of the students.  The highest outlier was a seven and the lowest score I recoded was a ZERO!


One thought on “The Students Voice

  1. This is very interesting and I am not very surprised by the results. I would of given you about a 2 or 3. All the workers are very nice making it hard to rate the food so low but it is not enjoyable. I will have to say though that breakfast is pretty good in my opinion and lunch is alright, then by the time you get to dinner it is just terrible.

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