Field Research

*In comp 150 my fellow students and I had to write a research paper using the guide lines on how to write one that are in the Everyone’s an Author book. The paper I decided to write was based off field research I did around the College campus. Ironically, this assignment was assigned right after I had already decided to do research for a blog entry.  Therefore I expanded my questioning to more people as well as asking for more of an answer from each person*

This time I expanded my questioning, of how good sodexo’s food is, to twenty new people. There was a possible 200 points to be earned if everyone rated sodexo as a 10. However these numbers looked quite similar to the numbers of my first research.  Sodexo received 80 of the 200 points, that gives them an average of 4 like my research from before showed. The highest rating was a 6 and the lowest was a 2.

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