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Howdy, and welcome to my blog.  My name is Zach Hofsetz and I am a freshman here at Fort Lewis.  I hail from Colorado’s Font Range and made my decision to attend Fort Lewis for it’s wonderful community, beautiful scenery and for the countless outdoor activities there are for us to do during any season.  One thing that I did not come to the Fort for though, was sodexo.  Through out high school I took part in cooking and culinary art classes which expanded my knowledge about different food recipes along with how to eat healthy.  Over the course of my participation in these classes I grew a passion for the appreciation of food.  However I do not see that appreciation or drive for perfection from our sodexo staff.  As a freshman my main source of food is sodexo and I am constantly disappointed with the quality of the food and the pride put into making the food. It is not all bad but does have a lot of room for improvement. In this blog I will address the lack of costumer service and convenience at the Rocket, which is unfair considering the school requires us to spend a minimum of five hundred dollars there per semester.  My goal with this blog is to raise concern about our quality of what we have to eat and how it is provided, resulting in either the change of being required to put money into this food or improvement of our options.  I would like my readers to leave their comments on my posts either agreeing with how I feel or pointing out how farfetched and unrealistic my ideas are.

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  1. BOOOOO sodexo! I totally agree with you. Last time I went to the Rocket I ordered a ceasar salad to go. When i got home there was nasty cold burnt chicken (that I didn’t even order!)in it and no dressing. I was pissed.

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