Documenting My Learning

The past few weeks have been a roller-coaster of emotions, stress, and passion.  I have never wrote a blog until this class.  It is a more difficult to create and complete the ideas you have when you know it will instantly be put online for everyone to see.  I changed the subject and audience a number of times, I started off with a the subject of outdoor education and how beneficial it can be to a person trying to “find themselves”.  That is a subject I care deeply about especially after going on backpacking and river rafting trips last year but I could not form a specific audience and message to get across, that  is when it struck me that what you write about shouldn’t only be what you care about but also something that is in your face all the time, something that in a big impact on your life.  That is what lead me to chose the subject that I did.  I ran into many issues well creating my blog as did many of my peers, I think that this is where the learning how to learn comes into effect the most.  Asking your classmates questions and answering theirs is the best way to learn, knowledge is a on going conversation between people and questions are how you can gain knowledge.  The application of the blog was very important and that was pointed out a lot by Bill in class, it requires critical and creative thinking to produce a quality blog.  You have to come up with a subject that you know others are going to care about and want to read, if you have a blog entitled with your name no one will read it unless they are solely interested in you and your thoughts. You have to be aware of your audience and specify your message  directly to them.  Because after all that is what Rhetoric is all about.


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